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Friday, 18 May 2018

What is Netflix? || How to use Netflix


What is Netflix? || How to use Netflix

Netflix is an American entertainment company that provides streaming media, video-on-demand online, and DVD by mail . Netflix is a Video On Demand service.
What it means that unlike TV Channels and Movie theaters you can watch the Movie/TV show whenever you want .When it started nearly 20 years ago,

  • It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scott's Valley, California.
  • Netflix expanded into film and television production as well as online distribution. It is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.
  • In 2007, Netflix expanded its business with the introduction of streaming media, while retaining the DVD and Blu-ray rental service. 
  • The company expanded internationally, with streaming made available to Canada in 2010 and continued growing its streaming service from.
  •  there by January 2016, Netflix services operated in over 190 countries – it is available worldwide.
As of April 2018, Netflix had 125 million total subscribers worldwide, including 56.71 million in the United States


How does Netflix work?

Your primary source of movies will be your queue. As you look through content on the Netflix website and app, you’ll see a little plus sign in a circle. This button adds things to your queue for later viewing.When you start using Netflix, your queue will be empty. Enjoy this period. 
Netflix’s library contains a broad range of hit movies and shows from major networks. TV series like Arrow, The Flash, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Walking Dead come to the service a few months after their official airdate.
Thanks to Netflix’s deal with Disney, it’s the first streaming service to find new Marvel Studios releases like Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange.

How much data does Netflix use?

A lot, but that might not matter depending on your mobile and internet plans, and it’s easy enough to adjust. Here’s a breakdown of how much data Netflix uses:
  • Low: Basic video quality uses up to 0.3 GB of data per hour
  • Medium: Standard video quality uses up to 0.7 GB of data per hour
  • High: Best video quality uses up to 3 GB of data per hour for HD and 7 GB of data per hour for Ultra HD
  • Automatic: Quality determined by your connection
  • Unlimited: The highest quality possible for your device and the show or movie you’re watching, peaks at the same rate as High.


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